Saturday, June 27, 2009

this morning

So I have worked hard all week and I have one day - today - before I go out of town again. I woke up to fabulous sun rays streaming through the side-cracks of my blinds reminding me that today will be a gorgeous day. I have some tasks I am supposed to accomplish such as: run my 16 km run, weed my flower beds, work on the side of our house that now has weeds the size of trees growing, pack, .... you get the picture. I think many of those things will get accomplished, however I could not help taking a time out this morning to enjoy my garden and sneak in a few rows of my stripey socks. I don't know too many knitters who could resist the sweet sounds of Koigu yarn calling out to be knitted.

Although I dread having to get on a plane tomorrow - again - I know that on Tuesday night I come back to FIVE DAYS OFF. Just so you all know, I am reading your blogs when I can although I have been slower with my comments. I try to fit them in between 'tasks'. Hope you all have a great week.