Saturday, July 11, 2009

hard to get

I am not certain what it is about human kind, but we always focus on those things that seem to be hard to get - mmm, think of like maybe Pierce Brosnan :) In a city like Calgary, where winter reigns throughout most of the year the favorite activities for the locals seem to be golf and gardening. Go figure! Our growing season is truly maybe three months. And during that three months we are subject to possible snow (like in June), incessant wind, multiple hail storms ... and rabbits. For these reasons, you must forgive my seasonal obsession with my garden and the many pictures I like to take and post.

This post is really for my mom so she can see my garden without having to get on an airplane. Very soon, the cold weather will come and I will be knitting again...for now, I am enjoying that which is so rare and so beautiful.