Saturday, July 18, 2009

it's hot, hot, hot,,,,,,

I love the short work weeks. I find I am in a much better mood and seem to take a lot pleasure in many things. I got a bit of shutterbug fever today and decided I needed some hot colors in this space to match the fabulous hot weather we have been having. I finally finished my cute stripey socks and when it came time to take a photograph I had no appropriate footwear to really show them off. Well, kismet was on my side because yesterday I stumbled upon these bright and happy Birkenstock shoes .... and they were on SALE.... how can one resist. The Babe was rolling his eyes because he calls Birks sandals birth-control shoes! I have to admit that they don't particularly make your feet look sexy, but look at the color; I had to have them.

My garden provided the second hit of color for today's post. With the sunshine we have been having blooms just opened up and said 'cut me'. The Babe has huge allergies so garden flowers can't be around the house too much...but he is gone for a boys climbing weekend and I am taking full advantage. The home-grown blooms truly come alive in this little thrifted jug.