Saturday, September 12, 2009

unmade bed

I was walking around aimlessly this morning examining my house, and pondered some random things. Like....I don't make my bed unless someone comes over. I am a tidy person and our housekeeper Betty makes certain the house is clean at least once a week, but there is something about NOT making the bed that just feels good in a rebellious kind of way. When Betty comes over to clean, she always makes the bed and it drives me crazy. I also noticed that there were a lot of sunbeams around the house today and sunbeams make everything look so great... sunbeams also expose all the cat hair that the resident feline blesses us with every second!

The other thing I realized is that I have cereal for breakfast almost every weekend and it HAS to be in my favorite bowl. Cereal does not taste the same when it is not eaten from my favorite bowl. And this morning, the cat was getting high again. I kid you not. She goes and licks my Runners World magazine... something about the finish on the paper makes her high...she rolls around and growls and then runs back and forth like a crazy whirlwind!

Have a great weekend.