Saturday, October 3, 2009

my walls are falling down

Well.....I am sorry you all, but this is the only picture today. Life is a bit upside down around the casa. It is snowing like crazy on our hill today, it's cold and my downstairs looks like a demolition zone. Actually - it is a demolition zone. We are renovating and there are two men with tools that have occupied the better part of the family room and kitchen. Nothing more dangerous than men with tools knocking down walls. I am staying out of the way...thank goodness that after three and a half years in our home we never bought living room furniture and were able to move the family room stuff into it. At least one room feels more or less normal.

I am on call for coffee duty, sandwich duty and other important tasks that generally accompany such projects. I am SUPPOSED to be de-stressing and getting ready for my race next week - instead I have to run to the demolition zone with my camera every five minutes because "...look babe, this is totally wild, you gotta take a shot - can you hear me babe?" Duh! I can hear you but I am pretending I can't - remember, I am supposed to be de-stressing!!!!!!

Have a great weekend - sorry I have not been around your blogs, I have been too busy buying hardwood.