Sunday, November 29, 2009

and so the festive season begins

Well, it's official - there will be no Christmas tree this year. The hardwood floors are almost finished, but there is still wallpaper to hang, baseboards to put down, furniture to move and that will take....wait for it - yes, two weeks, for sure. My tree requires an effort to put up and leaving it up for only a couple of weeks is not worth it, so Christmas has started around here without a tree. The white lights were resurrected from the depths of Christmas boxes, the silver and glass baubles were unwrapped and piled into vessels everywhere, and candles were lit to begin celebrating the onset of the season. This year's tree is a bundle of curly willow branches covered with sparkly white fairy lights. I like it - it is wonderfully simple and twinkly.

This year I will take photos of my Christmas corners to focus on the sparkle there is, rather than the sparkle that is missing.

Happy weekend all.