Saturday, November 7, 2009


I love my camera because I can point it at a tiny corner of our nest and make it look 'put together' - like the dwelling is all cute and decorated. Ha! Nothing can be further from reality. I make the corners pretty so that the mess around me does not drive me crazy. The painters were here a couple of days ago and painted the rooms under construction and I can finally envision what things might look like - hopefully before Christmas!!

I was insanely busy this past week but in all the mayhem managed to squeeze in a 'non-cooking' class, otherwise known as the 'raw food experiment' around here. This escapade into a completely different style of cooking (or un-cooking, depending how you see it) has already produced a Vita-mix blender that cost more than a mortgage payment. I am taking the crackers and breads class next week using a dehydrator!! Ahem! I am really scared I am starting to resemble my father who has every possible appliance a human being can procure.

...and, finally, I did finish a pair of socks and I love them! They are knit from koigu yarn and fit like a glove. Now I need to start another project...I have some pink cashmere....quite a bit of it. Hmmmm!! What to do?