Saturday, January 16, 2010

...the sad life of a chicken and other musings

I did a very unfortunate thing over the holidays - I watched Food Inc. I have to concede that I no longer can look at chicken in quite the same nonchalant way. Whenever I am cooking chicken now I envision a half maimed bird whose sole purpose is to have its extremely large wings cut up, sauced, deep fried and then be fed to a man drinking copious amounts of beer. I know one should take these kinds of documentaries, along with anything produced by Michael Moore, with a grain of objectivity, but I can't help myself. If any of you are thinking about renting that documentary, please don't eat chicken prior to viewing.

On the happy (chicken-less) side of life, I am finally knitting something out of that scrumptious, pink cashmere that I have been hoarding for the last two years. I am not ready to share yet... I need to see how it goes :) No matter what the outcome, all that pink certainly makes for the best photo shoot ever.

Happy weekend.