Saturday, February 27, 2010

inspiration for the week

Lately my big pleasure in life is definitely my photography. I am pushing myself to take images almost every day. If I don't photograph something, I am on the computer trying to push my photoshop skills forward. I have been studying my photos this week and noticed a nice progression - that makes me ridiculously happy. I am also getting interested in film photography and want to slowly move in that direction. Through this photo-learning journey, I have stumbled on some blogs and flickr accounts that really inspire me. I thought I would take time to share some of the new places I have been frequenting. This is a good chance to practice my html links - I hope some of these inspire you as well.

For positive inspiration and stunning photos I go to Maddy's journal, my favorite photo from her is here.

When I need inspiration to be a better photographer I peruse Leslie's page. Does this photograph want to make you reach in and pick those peonies?

....and, for a dose of fabulous moods, links to great music mixes and just plain wonderful photos, please visit the Blue Hour.

Happy weekend all.