Saturday, March 20, 2010

the antler debate our home minimalism least, that is the Babe's mantra. I definitely lean to the minimalist side when it comes to home decor as well, with mid-century modern being generally the direction I go. But, the core of my soul definitely sings the boho chic song. I love patchwork pillows, flea market finds, retro 40's and 50's 'stuff', old furniture mixed with new furniture. When I was single, my space most definitely reflected that side of me. For the past five years, I share the environment and Babe does get some say, and well, I am not allowed to put a fake antler-headed-deer thing on my dining room wall. I found this really cool, very fake deer head and the Babe put his foot down. No deer head in the dining room - apparently it looks too dead. I confess I already have a set of white resin antlers over the fireplace; but, one more deer-oriented item can't really hurt now, can it?

Oh well, to make myself feel better I ordered this little package of goodness. It's only a few inches high and in my view does not look dead, rather, it looks quite jolly :) ...and my granny circles are coming along nicely. I have almost 50 made - now I am learning how to put them together. And when that blanket is done it will take its rightful place in the family room.

Happy weekend all.