Friday, March 12, 2010

uh, did a week just go by?

I have been a very bad blogging friend this week - I barely had time to check out your blogs and leave comments. I have been breathing and dreaming work for almost the past two months. I have four major deadlines for four tomes replete with numbers, technical stats and other riveting information. You know your work becomes your life when you wake up stark-raving mad in the middle of night because you can't add a column of numbers in your sleep. I spend my days talking to three different lawyers about 'regulatory disclosure' all of whom tell me something different. I promise I will visit everyone this weekend.

In the meantime though look at how I have been de-stressing! Are those granny squares not the most scrumptious thing ever!! They are as addictive as making socks and oh - such instant gratification. I am enjoying making really small ones now. I figure if I make about 200+ I should have enough for one of those awesome granny square blankets.

So I leave you all with granny squares and flowers. Happy weekend.