Friday, April 23, 2010

life in the desert

Life in the desert comprised early morning runs on boulevards flanked by rows of palm trees and beautiful blooms emitting the most intoxicating scent imaginable. I would stride along perfectly manicured streets, my iPod prodding me further and further until I lost track of time. The sun would remind me that it was time to go back and reluctantly I would turn around. When I got back to my condo I made myself a huge breakfast of papaya, strawberries, and bananas smothered in thick Greek yogurt from Trader Joe's. I would retire to the patio to while away the rest of the morning reading books, writing thoughts into my journal and watching a gaggle of seniors frolicking in the pool. Inevitably, one of them would stride along and stop and start up a conversation. Often they would just plop themselves into the lounger next to mine and pepper me with questions - what is your name, what do you do, where are you from. They had all the time in the world to visit with me. Normally, I love my solitude, but I did not mind their interruptions. Later, I would go for long two, three hour walks.

We went to the desert and I photographed blooming Joshua Trees and marveled at the amazing flowers produced by a plant that grows in an arid desert. I wish I was still there.