Saturday, May 29, 2010

weekend goodness

I was going to do some gardening, but today I woke up to two inches of snow covering the back yard. Perfect day to do some crochet and finish my school paper. Luckily I had taken some photos last week on the one good day we had. I took full advantage and planted my basil. All I can say is thank goodness for greenhouses because none of these plantings would survive this weekend. I am looking forward to some sun and warmth, but in the meantime I am reaping crochet goodness courtesy of mother nature.

I did brave the chill today and the reward was a fabulous vintage hand painted tray from my favorite second-hand store and some cute juice tumblers that are perfect for drinking yummy crisp white wine. The tumblers are sitting on top of my newly created doily. Never thought I would be the type to crochet doilies, but I found the colorful pattern in my Japanese crochet book and it is the only one I could figure out how to make.

Happy weekend :)