Saturday, May 8, 2010

mothers' day weekend

Hopefully your eyeballs are coping with the burst of color in this space this week. Since I am a mother, I gave myself permission to post three photos rather than two. This little marinade of hues invaded my home this weekend because quite frankly it has been snowing and freezing most of this week and only today the sun came out for five minutes. I decided to indulge my hippie soul and bought every color of the rainbow. I went all out to ensure that spring does make an appearance in this space - even if it is purchased and resides on my dining room table :)

I needed a break from my granny square blanket and decided one of my chairs absolutely requires a pillow similar to this one here. The instructions can be found at Attic 24 on the left hand side of the home page. I start Uni courses next week so I am bracing myself for all around stress and chaos. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend - I am running the Mother's Day 10 km race tomorrow to celebrate motherhood and raise some much needed cash for the neonatal intensive care units here in Calgary.