Saturday, June 5, 2010

beam me in scotty!

Lately writing my blog posts seems like I am 'beaming in' to my blog for a nanosecond and putting words to screen in between two breaths. I was in Montreal for work for the last four days, I have two, count them, two papers due by Monday, and I am off to Montreal/Ottawa next week (big breath here). After this weekend I have one more week of school left and then I get a three week break between classes. I - can't - wait!!!

I wanted to show you the doilies I crocheted last week - I love how they look like they are floating on air. Happy, colorful little stars gracing my coffee table. I will reiterate that I am most definitely NOT the doily type, however, I could not resist this colorful thin cotton yarn and this project was just right for it. Notice the hint of yellow in my photos - that is my way of pretending that we have sun.

Happy weekend everyone.