Thursday, June 10, 2010

because cats are people too

So remember how I wrote a few weeks back that the cat goes crazy over my crochet? I decided that Tencents obviously felt left out of the whole hand-made goods thing and she needed a lovely blanket of her own. I had some left over cashmere blend yarn, merino yarn, cashmere-silk blend yarn and from these luscious odds and ends appeared this wonderful blanket. The cat went crazy the minute I put it down and proceeded to roll around and burrow in it like some mole on drugs or something.

The pattern is the ripple and I found it on Lucy's blog.  I have delivered this post to you from Ottawa as I am currently away on business. This is also my last week of school before my little 'school break'. I have time for few words so I am leaving you with extra photos of the ripple goodness.