Saturday, June 26, 2010

crochet in the garden

Well peeps, summer is officially here and that means long runs by the river, yarn work in the garden and lots of white, sparkly wine. I needed the wine today, in the last few weeks our dishwasher deceased, our washing machine set on fire and once the Babe pulled the dryer away form the wall, he pronounced that a fire hazard of the utmost kind......So needless to say, my bank account is looking sad. At least I am well stocked on yarn :)

I am working on a scrap yarn blanket, which basically means whatever bit of yarn is laying around, that is what I am using. I am also making circles for my granny square blanket. I have a 100 circles right now waiting to be crocheted in. I am about halfway through with the granny square blanket and I anticipate it will take another three or four months to complete work of love.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.