Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have a feeling, that today was a good day

Finally, the sun decided to come out. Finally that miracle happened on a weekend and finally I was home to take full advantage of it. I got back from my business trip late last Wednesday and my parents arrived from the Island for a visit that same day. We had a flurry of visiting, shopping, going out for coffee and dessert...all those fun things we do when get together. However, Sunday was reserved for my garden and I got my flower pots all done.

I have to confess I cheated heavily - since we only have about 10 weeks of somewhat warmer weather left, I bought fully blooming annuals and just shoved them into my pots for instant gratification. We do not have much of a growing season, and with all the cold, snow and rain in the past month and a half, that growing season is even shorter. Hence, annuals are truly a godsend for climates like ours.  Everything changes when flowers invade the patio.

Only one full week of work and then I am four days a week for the rest of the summer :)