Thursday, July 8, 2010

life in polaroid

You all probably know I love my old SX-70 polaroid camera. I love how the resulting photos look old and imperfect. I even have a begrudging admiration for the fact that I have to pay over $35 U.S. for a box of film that is really worth less than a third of that.  Oh how far we have come!! You also probably know that often in the summer I take a very long blog break - kind of like the French and their holidays!

After this post I am officially on a blog break until the end of August. However, because every now and then I feel incredibly inspired - even in the summer - I do like to post a photograph, typically no words, just a I am not on a total blog break, just a partial blog break :)

Oh, and in case you are wondering about the photos, the top is  my special room, my office/craft room/a room of my own, the middle (left) are some amazing roses that take my breath away, and the middle right is my dining room, the bottom photo captures the most incredibly stunning, crochet pot holders that I bought from the very talented Emma Lamb. Her work is amazing and I just had to buy something from her.

Happy summer everyone, I will be back with words at the end of August.