Friday, August 13, 2010

big dilemma

So I have a dilemma, should I Etsy or not? Obviously I have had too much time on my hands as normally I only think about work or school... but, I have been on a three day break. Absolute heaven but I tend to stray into la-la land with my thoughts. I often get asked for a print of some of my photos by people and in the past I usually sent the file via email and said 'go ahead print away'. I never think of my photos as something I would sell - it's a hobby. However, I am starting to rethink that and perhaps (grand idea!!!) I could actually sell some of my prints. I notice a lot of my blogger buddies have Etsy stores and I am curious how you all find that experience. Any input would be appreciated. I am mainly thinking prints of some of my polaroids or custom orders if someone wants something they particularly like. You know, I am definitely keeping my day job :)

By the way, I have to be honest and say that not only have I been off for three days, but due to the horrible hail and stormy weather, I have also not ventured outside. I only remember the sun through my photos from last week. Sigh. Obviously I am getting cabin fever.