Thursday, August 19, 2010

such great stuff out there

I was sitting at my desk at home browsing through old issues of Domino magazine....never a sadder day in raining sheep land than when domino magazine stopped publishing...I believe that happened the same year that Gourmet magazine stopped publishing as well.  I just don't understand. Gourmet had the best photography out there. I will be honest, I never cooked a thing from it but the photo inspiration more than made up for it.

Recently I discovered Lonny magazine. This online bit of goodness reminds me of domino mag and carries through the same sensibility by showcasing amazing and fun decor, up-and-coming designers and plain old awesomeness. The best part is it is free and does not kill trees. You can look at the back-issues in the archives section - perfect bit of star-gazing to partake in with a glass of wine this weekend. Enjoy.