Friday, September 17, 2010

i left my heart in san francisco...

I love, love, love San Francisco. I think this ranks as one of my fave holidays. I ate constantly, drank wine every day, and still managed to lose a pound by trekking across those massive, steep hills. I tried to absorb every possible color known to man in chinatown - what a vibrant, bustling place. We visited the San Francisco Ferry Building and I made certain we stopped at Miette bakery, which is a most splendid place. Every one of your senses is stimulated by the lovely, colorful milk glass cake stands, cookies, cupcakes and confections of every kind and vintage vessels holding candies and baby meringues in a rainbow of hues. Miette has a blog - you can check it out here.

We drove our rental convertible at full speed heading to Sonoma where I sampled many great wines and then onto Santa Rosa where the Babe went and sampled various beers at the Russian River Brew Pub. Unfortunately he had to take it easy as he was designated driver...heh heh.

We came back to cold and..yeah, it snowed last night.