Thursday, November 4, 2010

guiness cake

So yeah, of course, Sunday last weekend I was a bit bored and did not want to delve into the halloween candy so I decided to bake a chocolate cake instead. Hmmm, not sure why cake seemed like a reasonable substitute for eating candy bars, nonetheless, cake it was. I found this amazing recipe on design sponge and it's by one of my fave food bloggers Katie Quinn. I knew the Babe would like it because it has beer in it (Babe is a total, TOTAL, beer geek...we have a beer cellar in our basement...I am so embarrassed) and I have to say, considering I am a bit of a beer hater, the cake was delicious. That malty taste of Guiness really comes through and the cake is super moist. And...that cream cheese/whipping cream frosting, ahem, be prepared to run a half marathon after licking out the bowl from that baby. I had to swallow half a bottle of lactaid before I felt safe to lick the frosting spatula.

So of course, now this cake was hanging around the house all week, and I basically encouraged Babe to eat as much as he could humanly shovel down because honestly, I don't want this kind of stuff around. It is the austerity program around here until Christmas - i.e. clean food, raw food, no know the drill. My trainer says I should not drink wine for the next few months either, but I mean really, what kind of regimen does not include wine???  A girl has to live occasionally - it's a long ways to Christmas!

p.s. I am very remiss in reading and commenting...I have been working 12 hour days pretty much for over two weeks now and am traveling on business all next week. I promise to catch up when everything slows down.