Sunday, November 14, 2010

just saying hi

Honestly I just got home from a week of being away for work. I hate airports - one is herded through various lines like a bunch of cattle. I figure one day we will have nothing left to remove from our person going through security lines - I am grateful that they still allow us to keep our pants on. I have been on four airplanes in five days, four different airports, all with same bad food. I was in Miami for two days and saw the ocean for about 20 minutes. It was 28 degrees outside and probably  0 degrees in the over-air-conditioned hotel conference center. I will have a proper post next week. I have to say the highlight of this week was just coming home and having my simple breakfast at the kitchen island with Morcheeba playing in the background.

Next week Christmas begins in my home. Last year I did not have a Christmas tree due to renovations so this year I am going all out. Expect the next several weeks of posts to be filled with tinsel and cheer to properly celebrate the holidays.