Friday, November 19, 2010

the weather outside is frightful....

I think I will just slowly ease you all in to my Christmas...after all, some of you will just be celebrating American thanksgiving. It was -20C here yesterday and that makes it the perfect temperature for hibernating inside. My sister and I have our birthdays this Sunday (yes we are born on the same day, two years apart...our dad was an engineer!).  For me, Christmas truly begins once our birthday is properly celebrated with a gift exchange, fattening food and wine. It seems that every year some theme seems to emerge in my Christmas decorating - this year I am surrounded by horned mammals - they have invaded the house.  I have pulled some of my beloved decorations out of storage and my tree is standing, albeit not decorated. I think I will enjoy it with just its tiny, white lights glowing in my dark living room for the next week.

I have found all these fabulous, free on-line magazines in virtual land. I will share the links with you because who cannot resist a great decorating magazine, especially if no trees were harmed in its production :)

rue magazine
sweet paul
gifted magazine
pure green living
lonny magazine

Happy weekend and enjoy!