Saturday, December 4, 2010

the count down to...holidays

Oh boy, I am most definitely late posting this week, however, here it is. The tree is up and fully loaded, I am just filling in the empty spots. Every time I look at it I feel an urge to run to Michael's to find the perfect color glass balls...all I am missing to make this the ultimate Christmas confection is something in orange.

I completed my last business trip for the year, two more weeks of work and school and then I am off for two whole, fabulous weeks. I ... can't .... wait!!!! Because I have been so busy, I have decorated around the chaos and so it seems to be taking me for ever to actually get it done. But, finally, it truly is Christmas here. The Babe, of course, is sick and hacking his germs all over the house and me...I am anticipating that I am going to be next, even though I never get sick, except whenever I am on holidays. I am already popping the Cold-FX to safeguard myself against such a possibility.

Question - do you all actually get people who leave you comments that you misspelled something? I always thought that since this is my blog, I can give myself the permission to not be perfect!!