Friday, December 10, 2010

weekend comforts

See that top picture...that is my with a homemade quilt and accessorized with my crochet blanket....all waiting for me to park myself there starting mid-next-week for 17 days. I have the penultimate in chick lit to read - Eat, Pray, Love. I watched the movie four times and I am not ashamed to broadcast that fact to the world...and I enjoyed it, yes I did. Finished making my welcome pots of greenery - of course what none of you see is the old icky pumpkin left over from halloween to the left of them. MUST. THROW. IT. OUT. This is the weekend for baking. I have a new recipe to try out and if it turns out you might see it in this space next week. Of course, if it does not turn out, you will just see pretty photos of the ingredients deconstructed :)

Happy weekend all.