Saturday, January 29, 2011

hello world...simple is good

As you all know, I have been on a simplifying streak. What was interesting in some of the comments you all left was how many people have a problem figuring out how to start. I am a de-clutterer by nature but even this process was extreme. So here is how I did it and here are my strategies for simplifying even more:
  • Go to the evil Walmart and get yourselves those large Rubbermaid bins that have lids. I think they are about $6.00 here in Canada, but then we get gouged pretty much on everything, so for all you American folks, they are probably cheaper there. Get lots of them - believe me, it's worth the money to get that 'I am virtuously minimal' feeling and is cheaper than going to a therapist to deal with stress. Did you know that clutter and owning too many things causes stress? It does.
  • Next, do a quick round in the house and pick at least two or three items in every room that you can throw into that first bin. Do it quickly, without thinking too much. Once that is done, sit down, relax and have a nice glass of wine. Then get up off that couch and do the process one more time, quickly! Don't think about it. By the second round hopefully that Rubbermaid box is full. 
  • Now that you have a start put an empty Rubbermaid box where you can see it. Every day put three things in it. I bet it will only take you a minute. By the end of the year you will have given away 4,380 things. I bet you never thought you had that many things, but many people do.
And ya'll, remember to actually deliver those boxes to your Goodwill organizations, they will love you and probably get to know your first name.