Saturday, January 8, 2011

starting off on a simple note

To honor this new year, I have been clearing my house....what I mean is that I have given away about 15 huge rubber maid boxes of crap to Goodwill and countless reusable bags filled with...well, more crap. I have always considered myself a minimalist person who edits junk on a most regular basis. Lately I have been getting into all these minimalist blogs such as zen habits and miss minimalist. Now, I am not planning to pare my life down to 100 items and I don't plan on quitting my job to write an ebook, but honestly how much stuff does one need? I took the opportunity to purge my house during the holidays. Everything imaginable went. Books, clothes, my everyday dishes and yarn (yes, yarn!).

We are now eating off our bone china every single day. I mean think about it peeps - if you have your china gracing the shelves of your china cabinet and you use it only about once or twice a year, let's assume you got it the day you were born, and, say you live until 80 - you would have used your china 80 to 160 times during your lifetime - maybe!! How absolutely sad. And, to add insult to injury, when we all die, maybe our good china would be pulled out for the 81st time to be used for that final meal to send us off!! Good things are meant to be enjoyed every single day. This year quality belongs in my everyday, simplified life. Did I mention that the ladies at Goodwill know me by my first name now?