Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ever notice that blogland has its own 'cool people'. You know....they are the cool bloggers many of us follow because....they are cool. They always have dibs on the latest home decorating trends, like Victoria of SanFranciso Girl by the Bay. Or they are people that just have a cool job or style like Malin. Her blog has awesome photos and you can see it here. I am not one of the cool people because I only find out things by reading other blogs - I don't discover them. But, in my dreams sometimes I am cool; I have a gazillion blog followers :), I get a ton of tweets, and no matter what I capture with my camera it's absolutely faaabulous baby! Hee, hee, I am way too busy writing papers on organizational psychology to follow the latest trends in anything.  Thank goodness for cool people otherwise I would be a dinosaur.

However, what is kinda cool is that my little blog has been included in the latest issue of Artful Blogging - I actually forgot to blog about the fact they asked me to write a piece for the issue 'cuz I was too busy writing riveting psych papers. I have to say my heart did this little twisty dance when I beheld my photos in print, in a magazine!! Sigh, I wish that was my life on a regular basis. Well, happy weekend...I need to get back to my Improving Organizational Performance paper.