Saturday, February 12, 2011

our daily bread

For those of you who are sadly on some kind of gluten free diet, you may not want to read on. However, for all the bread lovers out there, this is an ode to bread. Yes, I have pink valentine-friendly tulips, but the  item filling my soul with passion is bread...specifically Aviv's bread. Aviv is actually a mathematician/science dude with a master's in biomedical engineering. Instead of toiling 24 hours a day as a financial analyst, he toils 24 hours a day creating the most wonderful, crusty, perfect artisan, springy spongy sourdoughs and scones that will ever pass  human lips. Really, the most perfect thing for Valentine's day along with a spicy, dry chorizo and locally made Canada Gouda cheese from Sylvain Lake. I feel sorry for all the peeps who don't live in Calgary because Aviv is a genius, I don't know him but I am in love. Of course I am going out for a run for an extra hour tomorrow.

My dad makes really good bread; I also make bread but not 'really good bread'. Just kinda, meh, okay. At the end of the month I am taking an artisan bread making course and then another one at a local bakery. My sister will laugh at me and compare me to my dad because when I get into something, I go in all the way! Hence the new Tartine cookbook. I tried getting a starter going (just flour and water) and well, it's a learning curve. By the way, my sister is officially a 'cool' people because she discovered Aviv before me and told me about his bakery.

Happy Valentine's day to all the 'cool' peeps out there who left me the kindest comments last week. I am so lucky.