Saturday, February 19, 2011

was not going to post this week but...

...I took these photos of my dining room and had to share. Those tulips look fake. I got this tulip table (how appropriate) after Christmas, and yes the chairs don't go with it, but eventually I will get new ones. I just love the marble top - so easy to clean. I am in the middle of finals and papers, etc. so just popping in for a second. My next course is World Mythology...I know, what is that? I looked at the outline and nearly spit my coffee out...the female divine, the male divine...I am getting a business degree, this is too funny.

Also, while writing random things here, I started my sourdough bread starter...three times now! Apparently there is supposed to be some kind of wild yeast thing happening. Obviously not in my house. This third batch is bubbling so I take that as a good sign. Anyone start their own starter before? Any hints, advice, blessed words of wisdom? Please help me.