Saturday, March 12, 2011

peace on earth, so elusive

It's hard to complain right now about anything - I look at the world and it seems as most of it is suffering. People are dying in wars, earthquakes, floods.  Every minute someone is in distress. I have to admit that I feel guilty every time I whine about something, because quite honestly we are lucky.  All I can do is light a candle and hope for peace.  I am making my way through this month and soon I will be on the other side. Two more weeks of school and then I go visit my parents on Vancouver Island. I can't wait to feel the ocean breeze brushing my face, breathe in the salty, damp air. That place is like a tonic - as soon as I get off that plane and smell that smell, that I can't describe, every worry and stressful thing just seems to roll off my shoulders.

The last few weekends I was taking an artisan bread-baking course at the local technical school. It was fabulous - although I am wearing the results :) The experience has encouraged me to look into the one-week artisan bread-baking worshop at the San Francisco Baking Institute. I am seriously considering it. They offer three levels, each level is a week. Perhaps I could take one level each year - a week in San Francisco learning how to bake bread sounds simply wonderful.