Sunday, March 20, 2011

right now

You know how sometimes you just walk around the house and all of a sudden you love everything? That's kind of how I felt today. Typically everything is so familiar in my home that I don't really see it, but today, everything I looked at made me realize that I love every corner. Sure, we need to do a ton of renovating still, the kitchen is a late 70s disaster painted over by a late 80s disaster, but no matter; it all seemed perfect today. Obviously, I am on the school/work deadline count-down. Last week of school coming up and I sign off the film for the annual report I have been writing this coming week as well. To celebrate such awesomeness I baked bread and I have been running around the house snapping images of corners and bits that seem specifically sublime today.  Even the sun was shining for the occasion.

p.s. photo number 2 - my own homemade bread made from my own starter - no commercial yeast used in the process.