Saturday, March 5, 2011


I seem to have taken an unintended blog break. Life got away from me  a bit lately. I am in the middle of my course and have to admit to being a bit overwhelmed. Normally I take breaks between my classes, but this time I needed to go right into another course...I also had bread baking class last is a bit hellish as I have my writing thing I know two weeks have gone by and I have not picked up my camera once.

I purchased Margaret Roach's new book And I Shall Find Peace There. You need to watch the video clip because honestly, you will be delighted. I watched it and took a big sigh. I read the book cover to cover (well, on my iPad anyways, no more acquiring physical books for me, I am trying to shed stuff). Margaret Roach was the editorial director at Martha Stewart and she decided to 'drop out', move into the woods (her country home in upstate New York) and garden. The book is wonderful and I must say gives me the urge to drop out myself...except I can't, not yet. This is what the minimalism is all about in my life lately. Some would say I am lucky, I have a really great job. But, the corporate rat-race is overwhelming and I keep thinking that I need to start living my life - soon! Strange concept, as most people think you are living your life when you are at a great point in the career path. When we work for others we are not masters of our own destiny, ever. Financial freedom and being able to live without a gazillion tchochkes surrounding you, is the means to get out of the rat-race earlier, hopefully be able to work less or freelance. And have time to take more photos. Check out Margaret's other blog, a way to garden. I love the slide shows on it, the great recipes and all the flower porn, especially when it's like -20 here.