Friday, April 29, 2011

the beautiful outdoors

Last weekend was so beautiful I actually took some outdoor photos. I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the outtakes.  This week we were 'blessed' with 15 cm of snow...but, it is melting and Sunday will be nice again.

I am busy doing some crochet; I have some pillows starting to happen. My only issue is how do I sew the crochet onto a cloth backing? Anyone have any tutorials to point me to? I want the back of the pillows to be fabric and the front to be crochet. Help!

I have been thinking of doing a magazine type project to document my seasons each year.  I never seem to really remember what my garden looked like, or what my Christmas looked like, or what special recipes I made.  It would be nice to have a reminder of the things I do each season. Not sure how I want to structure it, but it's something I could share on my blog every three months or so.  I still have school until February of next year. So less than a year to go. Basically that gives me the opportunity to start planning the project and start shooting deliberate photos to begin this visual diary.

Happy weekend all.