Saturday, April 9, 2011

color still does live here

Lest you think things are getting a bit maudlin in this corner of the internet, fret not. Color is still alive and well in my world. I realized I have a bit of an obsession for Le Creuset pots. I have quite a few and since I bristle at conformity I never really buy them in the same color - I prefer a rainbow. I purchased the new purple one today and decided they all look rather jolly all together like that. Le Creuset, in my opinion, are the best pots one can own. I do everything in mine, including baking my bread. I purchased the oval one hoping I can make my Tartine bread in a batard shape rather than the boule. I find round bread hard to slice.

I am certain you noticed that little bit of crochet. I had this fabulous, colorful yarn (I think it is Debbie Bliss or something like that), the only balls that survived my de-cluttering a while back. I decided to just make random granny squares and started piecing them together. Not certain what to make - perhaps a fun, colorful pillow.  Granny squares are soothing to crochet - there is simply no agenda, just stitches coming together.

Happy weekend all.