Saturday, May 7, 2011


Decided to take an inventory of all the crochet I have started but not finished - two blankets and two pillows. One blanket needs five more squares and an edging, second blanket will be done when hell freezes over, and the two pillows need backs. Sigh! I figure there is at least a year's worth of work there at the pace I have been going.

I also took stock of my pathetic closet - I had purged so many things that I pretty much had nothing left to wear for spring. I have a corporate job  - professional clothing is a must and I am typically a really boring dresser. So I really splurged and made an appointment with a personal shopper at Holt Renfrew. Although it cost me like half a year's worth of mortgage payments, it was the best thing I have ever done.  She picked out six items for me (all very cute), designed by a Canadian designer and sewn here in Canada, the fabric is all manufactured in Italy, no slave labour involved,  and I cannot believe how versatile these items are. I can make well over an entire week's worth of outfits out of these six items. It's all great quality and I can build on this foundational wardrobe...and best of all, my closet still looks very minimal. A good week I would to go and make that macaroni and cheese!