Sunday, September 18, 2011

last days of summer meditation

The world can be an arrogant place, demanding constant attention.  But, today is one those last days of summer when the sun shows itself late in the morning and dissipates the chill that is a prelude to autumn.  Most of the time I suffer from an endless case of busy brain, my mind constantly humming with life's stresses.  Today I am sitting outside and time is standing still.  For once my mind is not moving forward or backwards into a reproachful past, and I am truly in the moment.  I feel my 'self' untethering from the world and simply perceiving the biosphere of my backyard enclave.  I am meditating in my own manner - I squint my eyes and through slits take in the color of the flowers in their last blush of prettiness;  I am laughing at the birds, fat from gorging on birdseed, splashing in the bird bath.  They are fighting over the scarce real-estate that my bird bath affords. I want to archive all this with my lens and am frustrated that I am unable to capture the mood in the resulting images. I wistfully realize that it is lack of practice on my part to see and capture beauty lately.  Yet I understand that even this is part of this moment, a temporary state to be gracefully accepted.