Saturday, December 3, 2011

and so it begins

The sharp sound of my shutter going off permeated through the silence of our home today...the Babe said, "Now, that is a sound I have not heard for a long time!" Somehow fitting that I graduated just before December 1 arrived. I don't think I could stand another holiday with studying involved. Instead I have been coming home from work rather out of sorts because I need to establish a new order in my life, which once again includes doing things that give me pleasure. Ever so slowly, I am starting to feel the desire to make again.

This first weekend in December includes the tree, of course, and a baking project.  To commit myself to posting on this space next weekend, I promise to bring you the recipe for the chocolate chip-oatmeal loaf in my photos.  I had to try making it first to see if I loved the taste - I did, especially with Nutella on top.

Happy weekend peeps!