Thursday, December 29, 2011

musings for the new year

For some reason I seem to do my deepest pondering in the morning, during my holidays, usually while enjoying my first cup of coffee and my soft-boiled egg. It is a ritual.

I have been pondering my blog today...and 2012.  I feel out of sorts - I have been working on my degree for over 10 years and now that it is over I feel kind of empty...exhilarated that the school journey is finished and completed; however, I feel unsettled, restless. I am not certain what to write about on this blog anymore; my life feels a bit disarranged. You know, I keep asking "what does this all mean?" and what is the "this" exactly? Maybe because I am now a half century old, and as my dear mom would say, entering the last half hour on a clock!! I struggle with whether I want to keep up with my blog or go find myself first or something :) I know! I am very lucky that these are the only issues I have in my life!

I am a big proponent of new year goals and I am definitely going to be thinking about mine this weekend. Who knows, maybe 2012 will be my time to determine what I want to enhance or change in my life. Or, maybe I REALLY need to lighten up and run another marathon or something.