Friday, April 29, 2011

the beautiful outdoors

Last weekend was so beautiful I actually took some outdoor photos. I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the outtakes.  This week we were 'blessed' with 15 cm of snow...but, it is melting and Sunday will be nice again.

I am busy doing some crochet; I have some pillows starting to happen. My only issue is how do I sew the crochet onto a cloth backing? Anyone have any tutorials to point me to? I want the back of the pillows to be fabric and the front to be crochet. Help!

I have been thinking of doing a magazine type project to document my seasons each year.  I never seem to really remember what my garden looked like, or what my Christmas looked like, or what special recipes I made.  It would be nice to have a reminder of the things I do each season. Not sure how I want to structure it, but it's something I could share on my blog every three months or so.  I still have school until February of next year. So less than a year to go. Basically that gives me the opportunity to start planning the project and start shooting deliberate photos to begin this visual diary.

Happy weekend all.

Friday, April 22, 2011

happy easter

Finally, the sun is shining outside and I had my morning smoothie and then several cups of coffee in my backyard. Although it really is only about 6 degrees, Celcius that is, my yard is south facing and has its own little ecosystems going on as long as there is some sun. There is green stuff out there coming out of the ground and that makes me feel so relieved. This winter was so cold and snowy that I doubted my perennials would make it.

To celebrate this moment of spring amidst all the cold and snow we have had, I made myself a healthy green smoothie. Something about drinking in all that goodness that gives me a feeling of excess winter pounds just melting away. You do need a good blender for this, but here is the recipe:

Pineapple Spinach Smoothie

1 cup fresh pineapple
2 cups fresh packed spinach
6 cubes of ice

Blend. Drink. Feel good.

Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy your long weekend and buy yourselves some good chocolate.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a lovely random saturday

What a great Saturday.  My favorite breakfast, a little random reading, contemplating some crochet, and of course a lot of sleeping in.  It helps that it is snowing like crazy here and a bit cold.  Not a good day for a run around the river; the perfect excuse to cocoon and hunker down. I love days like this because the possibilities for procrastination are most certainly epic. I start another class next week so I am milking this for all that it's worth.

I am reading some serious stuff, ahem, like Emily Chalmers Modern Vintage Style - such a great distraction. Of course, I love pondering that style, but myself probably could not live with it as it requires a fair amount of tchotkes, which would drive 'miss I-love-my-surfaces-bare' crazy.

Happy weekend peeps!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

color still does live here

Lest you think things are getting a bit maudlin in this corner of the internet, fret not. Color is still alive and well in my world. I realized I have a bit of an obsession for Le Creuset pots. I have quite a few and since I bristle at conformity I never really buy them in the same color - I prefer a rainbow. I purchased the new purple one today and decided they all look rather jolly all together like that. Le Creuset, in my opinion, are the best pots one can own. I do everything in mine, including baking my bread. I purchased the oval one hoping I can make my Tartine bread in a batard shape rather than the boule. I find round bread hard to slice.

I am certain you noticed that little bit of crochet. I had this fabulous, colorful yarn (I think it is Debbie Bliss or something like that), the only balls that survived my de-cluttering a while back. I decided to just make random granny squares and started piecing them together. Not certain what to make - perhaps a fun, colorful pillow.  Granny squares are soothing to crochet - there is simply no agenda, just stitches coming together.

Happy weekend all.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

dark clouds

The Island was shrouded in shadows last week. The way it sometimes is in early April. The dark clouds matched my mood. Going through my parents house I see an accumulation of a lifetime. My mother tells me that she has assigned the artwork in the house to each of us girls - I get St. Rita who is knitting wool directly off the back of a sheep. So appropriate. We collect things but one day these will be gone - divided - and a lifetime of what was important is dissected into that which is kept and that which is discarded. These thoughts disturb me and make me twitchy, I wish I had brought my running stuff with me.