Monday, January 2, 2012

..and so it goes on

There are places on this earth that are paradise. Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park is one of those places. We cross country skied, sat by a roaring fire, ate beautiful food and brought in the new year in style with champagne.  As I looked through my photos of this wondrous place I realized I cannot abandon my blog because I would have no one to share these photos with.  I also had a chance to make some goals. I know not everyone is into new year's goals, but I am one of those people who loves goals and thrives when I have something to be accountable for.

...and so here they are - I am sharing them with you so I have more propensity to meet at least some of them :)

~ be more frugal
~ save money
~ pay off any debt
~ shop my closet
~ declutter
~ run regularly
~ lose 10 lbs
~ eat more vegan food
~ learn to sew pillow covers
~ learn to make candles (the soy wax kind)
~ learn to make some body products (soap, face cream, lip balm)
~ learn to make jam

I think that group of 12 should give me enough blogging fodder for the year. I hope to blog about each of the 12 topics over the next year and hopefully be encouraged to achieve these goals by discussing them regularly here.

The best in 2012 to all of you and many hugs and thanks for your kind words to me!