Sunday, February 12, 2012

lazy weekending

There is greatness to my lateness in posting today. However, we are having a very domestic, lazy weekend here. The cat photo was taken last week but she has assumed the same position this week so it all works.  I am busy baking bread. I found a great trick.  I use the 'no knead bread' recipe but instead of going through the whole process of preheating pots etc. I just make loaves out of it and it makes like the perfect sandwich bread, go-with-stew bread EVER.  Here is a link to the recipe and method...honestly if you don't bake your own bread it's a sin because this is just too easy and so inexpensive.  This definitely qualifies under my 'frugal living' because I bet these loaves cost pennies to make.  One has a bit of whole wheat and the other is just white. This is the first time I experimented with this method and I love it.

We are also reading about money here this weekend. Every girl should have her own investment account and if I have a choice between buying shoes or stock, I usually buy stock. I love investing, it's a hobby I picked up in the last two years and even though I buy the most boring stock in the world (think banks, ETFs) that strategy seems to pay off.  I am reading David Bach's 'Smart Women Finish Rich" (Canadian version) and am really enjoying it.

Happy weekend peeps.