Sunday, March 4, 2012

around the house

It snowed buckets of snow last night and so today I am being lazy. Hanging around the house and walking from room to room. I purchased a new iMac 27" screen computer and I cannot get over how fabulous it is! Photos, online magazines, blogs...everything looks huge and wonderful. The best part is that it was paid for from funds in my wellness account at work, hence barely cost me anything. I know!

The other thing I did was check in with my new year's goals to see where I am at. Actually doing pretty well. Here is what I have accomplished:
  • saved money, quite a bit so far, A+ for that
  • lived frugally, also an A+
  • shopped my closet, have not bought anything except shoes with a gift certificate my sister gave me for Christmas, so check mark on that
  • learned to make body care products, namely, body lotion, hydrating creme and soap. Next weekend I have a face cream class and a liquid soap class.
  • paid off debts, A+ on this one
  • de-cluttered, this is not a once a year thing, it's a lifestyle for me
I still have things that I have not done, but there are almost 10 months to go still so I would say I have had a good start.  One way to accomplish your New Year goals, if you make any, is to check monthly where you are at.  Goals are only dreams, unless you proactively assess where you are at to make them a reality.