Sunday, March 11, 2012

"make juice not war" ~ Kris Carr

So work has been a little stressful this week; long hours coupled with way too much comfort food is bad for one's jeans so I decided to do a juice cleanse. I purchased Kris Carr's crazy sexy juice and smoothie e-book and so it's the perfect time to get going. Additionally, the babe is gone for a week so I can experiment with all kinds of new age remedies.

Juicing requires a good juicer - being my father's daughter I initially purchased a Breville dual-disc juicer a while back. It made lots of juice very quickly but the juice oxidizes quickly and after a day in the fridge, it looks disgusting. So I recently purchased a Hurom juicer, which is a slow, masticating juicer and makes delicious juice. I started my diet yesterday with a lovely green juice from Kris's book. All was well until the afternoon when my stomach felt like it would explode and the sounds coming from it were astonishing. I immediately made myself a kale salad with chicken. I know! Today I made another yummy green juice this morning and this afternoon graduated to a new recipe called Mexican ... something or other. Peeps, I took a sip and thought I would regurgitate my juice right out of my mouth. But, I am brave and I downed the concoction down. A half hour later I thought I was going to puke (sorry, TMI!). Peeps never, ever juice an entire bunch of cilantro as a newbie juicer and drink it. It is NOT a good thing!  I settled my stomach with a turkey sausage (definitely not included on the cleanse). Sigh! Obviously this is not going well. Has anyone done this before? Any advice?

On the menu tonight - raw carrot ginger curried soup made in my vitamix? Can one's teeth fall out from not chewing? And is wine not just pressed grapes?