Sunday, May 13, 2012


Finally, it was super warm today. For the first time this year, I sat outside on the patio and enjoyed an amazing 25 degrees. It was stupendous - the perfect mother's day  with the appropriate amount of laziness. Our yard needs a huge amount of work, but I have decided I am going to get someone to do it for me this year. I get so little time off that the free time I have I don't want to spend it weeding and digging.  All I want to enjoy in the realm of gardening is going to the greenhouse and buying some wonderful plants to fill my pots with color.

My office is coming along - the floors are done, the painter was in, the Ikea wall unit is built; I am just waiting for my desk and chair to arrive and I need to get a light fixture and primp, of course. I can't wait to show the space off! I must say I am totally excited about decorating it and settling in.

Hope you all had a great weekend.