Sunday, May 6, 2012


I typically like to show pretty photos of my house...but this week my house is not pretty. The Babe is renovating my office on the main floor of the house (I, strangely enough, occupy two offices in our home - one for my girlie hobbies and the other for my work; I truly am my father's daughter!).  One of the drawbacks of my new job is that our main office and operations are in the Philippines. As such I end up doing quite a bit of work in the evening as there is a 14 hour difference. My meetings are all on Skype!  My office was okay considering I did not spend much time in it previously, but now that I am in there most of the time I want a brighter, fresher room. As you can see in the bottom photo, the floor is in - hopefully in about two to three weeks I can show you a pretty photo!

In the meantime, my desk is camped out in the living room and the living room is a nightmare!! I hate having a mess around me. Have a great weekend peeps!