Friday, June 29, 2012

ahem... it has been a few weeks!

Since I have been here last, I have travelled to Toronto for a conference, to Montreal for a conference and a holiday, my parents came for a visit, we finished (more or less) my office and in two weeks I am off to the Philippines. It seems like the days are stumbling into each other; somebody pressed the fast-forward button and it's stuck!

Unfortunately I have not been doing too much photo, or anything really fun for that matter... except... well... I do have a new crochet project, which is turning out to be somewhat fun that I can show you the beginnings of next week! See, now I am committed to making another post.

The photos are some snapshots of my new's not quite done yet. I need drapes and I am waiting for a cabinet I bought at BoConcept. BoConcept is basically furniture that looks like Ikea, costs about five times more....and takes four months to get delivered!!!!! Sigh! But even so, I love the space, the whiteness and clean feel of it and I love when the sun reflects the green off the pine trees outside.

Happy Canada day for all the Canucks!