Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am in the Philippines right now and just came back from Zamboanga Del Norte where my company's mine is located. Aside from the fact that it is typhoon season here, I managed to get a few minutes between the heavy rain each day to take some quick, candid images. I went to visit one of our schools that we built for the local children....if anyone ever has a crappy day, they need to go to a rural school in a third world country to realize how wonderful our life is here in North America. That said, these kids absolutely mobbed me! It was hilarious - they all wanted to take turns holding my hand as I walked around and wanted to know why I was so white!! I could not stop laughing for a second.

The visit to the southern part of Mindanao Island was good except perhaps the bout of food poisoning I am still fighting. The mine food is very basic but  generally ok, primarily Philippino and includes a lot of shellfish and unknown meat! Obviously my stomach is not that hardy.  Now I am back in Makati city and I have been shopping heavily for my new grand-baby that will arrive to bless us in January :) :) :)

Happy weekend